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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Back Burner

Howdy good neighbors!

If you are alerted to this post,  then, by golly, you are a good neighbor indeed! You see; I haven't posted on this blog for perhaps a year and a half and I have changed my primary e-mail address since then. It's therefore highly likely that you have lost track of me altogether! The e-mail address where most of you "Brand Spankin' News" junkies contacted me is no longer in operation. is now history; takes its place.

My experiment today is to find out if any of you good neighbors who once "enjoyed" alerts to my new blog posts are still out there. If so, and you don't have anything better to do, how about clicking on my new e-mail address (above) and letting me know.

I have little up my sleeve today other than idle curiosity. Perhaps I will post something new from time to time if I ever have something new to share.

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