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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Carbon Footprints

I enjoy Baxter Black's outlook on life from "out there." I titled this post "Carbon Footprints" but Baxter calls his poem, "Tissue on the Range."

YouTube - Tissue on the


  1. Baxter Black is my kind of guy. Yep, a thinkin man who never lets the little things get him down, but instead finds a way to make it all work. Pat

  2. Anonymous12:57 PM

    I don't know if this is going on, going on the right place, or makes any sense at all. But, I will be a part of wearing a path to somewhere--or nowhere as the case may be. I am Larry Coleman. Rue the fact that none of us leave our our tracks on this path that Raleigh has hewed out of the wilderness of the internet.

    Regarding Global Warming . . . I have not been persuaded to fail to give the scietists from far and wide who collectively concluded that there is something brewing that is new as a result of human activity their due respect. Science is always imperfect. Albert Einstein failed in finding the equation that explained everything and never really got over the possibility that sometimes things are just a crap shoot or roll of the dice. I would rather do the right thing and find out that I was wrong than be in denial.


    Larry L. Coleman 1961 AHS

  3. Yes, it's certainly prudent to weigh both sides of the argument. The truth, however, is not a concensus of scientific opinion but the truth. Sometimes, most often I hope, those are one and the same.

  4. Anonymous3:40 PM

    I have to agree with cousin Larry. What seems to be a scientific truth at one time, later is shown to be nonsense. Wasn't it a "fact" that the earth was flat? Whether we have caused global warming or whether it would be happening anyway is really beside the point. It's pretty obvious that we've had a hand in changing climate. Anne Coleman Vaughan

  5. Hi Anne, Although I don't disagree, I'm somewhat confused. First you say that scientific truth can be later proven nonsense. Then you say, with what appears to be "scientific truth," that we've obviously had a hand in changing climate. Could be... just could be.

    Could be truth.

    Could be nonsense.

    As I stated in the piece regarding the Mississippi River, I'm a healthy sceptic regarding global warming and not a denier. The operable term was once "global warming" now it's "climate change" as scientists are apparently hedging their bets on which way it's going.

    Natural events such as sun spots and the big belch from the Iceland volcano may have as much or more to do with climate change than mankind. Whatever we do to cause the problem or to solve it may be overridden by higher powers. Should we strive for a cleaner planet? Sure!


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