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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Bunkhouse Blog

Hi Neighbors,

Yours truly, the caretaker and occasional janitor of The Bunkhouse, stops by - - once in a while to see if it needs my attention.

After several days of detecting no activity other than my own, I've decided that the familiar adage, "If you build it, they will come" should read, "If you build it, will they come?"

The answer is, "apparently not," but that's okay. I thought The Bunkhouse might become a substitute for The Brand Spankin' News, but perhaps it's more trouble to you than it's worth. I'll continue to offer it as a place for you neighbors to interact; some things take time.

Perhaps my long-winded instructions have made it appear more complicated than it truly is. Some of you have had difficulties commenting and that also erodes confidence.

Once in a while, when I "comment", it is rejected on the first click of the "Post Comment" button. I click it again and it has always been accepted on the second click. Perhaps if two clicks won't work for you - then the third time's a charm. I have tested the "comment" section a couple times this morning and I was successful although one test took a second click of "Post Comment" after the first failure. If you are successful, it should let you know that your comment is awaiting my screening.

Somebody somewhere in blog land understands the uses for the weird selections in the "Comment as:" section. I don't. Just scroll below the weird stuff and click either "Name/URL" (type something into the "Name" box and leave the "URL" box blank) or click "Anonymous." If you click "Anonymous" you can tell us who you are in the body of your comment.

A few of you "neighbors" have accepted my invitation to author posts although no one has yet tested the water. Come on in; the water's fine!


Raleigh Emry


  1. Anonymous12:55 AM

    Raleigh. Keep it up. Something new always takes time. Jim Johnson

  2. Thanks Jim, The Bunkhouse will be here just as Delta - is ready when you are.

  3. My my so many celebs. Our only celeb encounter was in DC when our son got a leave from Walter Reed for a day trip. He wanted to see the Hay Adams hotel. It was raining so we went to the bar. Pretty soon a bunch of healthy types with big dogs came through checking out each patron. We were advise that we had to stay or leave, and had only 5 minutes to decide. We stayed (rain). Jean went upstairs and learned Clinton was on his way here for a fund raiser. Republican tho she is, she remained upstairs to watch him. I remained at the bar. Later that trip we saw him again at the Memorial Day service. Dave

  4. It will just take a little practice to get used to coming to the blog. We'll get it figured out eventually.

  5. Anonymous4:19 PM

    I've alway enjoyed the BSN. Guess I must admit I'm just not smart enough or perhaps don't have the patience to make the blog work. I certainly miss the news and different comments that came along. I can understand that it become a chore to get the news out to the rest of our group. Just want you to know all of your efforts were much appreciated by me and many others.

  6. Larry L. Coleman8:12 PM

    Well, this is an opportunity to learn. I have heard about "blogs" for a long time--but this is the first it has been explained. I tried setting up a google acount but did not find a place I could add to this blog. You see, I still don't get it. But, here I am anyway. Sometimes it just takes a while hunting around in the brush before you figure out where the game is at. Anyway, I decided to try the comment--but I don't think that was all your were trying to get us to do. So, if someone knows how we post an article, e mail me or add it to a comment and I may catch it some time. By the way, Terry and Raleigh--some decent writing. Keep up the good work.

  7. I don't Have a comment as such but wanted to know that I appreciate reading the reports about NYC, grandchildren, etc. I check in almost daily to see the comments from others and do enjoy the opportunity of being able to come here and catch up on what the rest of the world is doing.
    thanks to all Dick Ellis


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