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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tips on Commenting.

The block below the area where you type your comment has a drop down menu of several suggestions entitled "Comment As." You can access the menu by clicking the little down arrow at the right side of the adjacent window.

All of the selections are probably confusing to folks who don't do this too often. If all you want to do is have your note say it's from someone other than "Anonymous" you can select the "Name / URL" field in the drop-down menu and place your name in the "name" field and ignore the "URL" field.

You need not use your full name; you can even use a nickname. For example, Dale Coleman, responded only with "Dale." and so his comment reads "Dale said ..." instead of "Anonymous said ... " Of course you can leave that field blank and simply put your name within the comment field as did Annie Johnson. Her note is from "Anonymous" but she shows her name in her note. Either way will let readers know who you are.

If you prefer to be Anonymous then that's okay; however, I might think it's spam and not allow it when screened.

Confusing but amusing.

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